2nd and 3rd Czech Cup results and photos

Here is small recap of latest Czech Cup competitions and photos from these events.

Grasski in Krajnska Gora

Peter Marn Rossi did published on facebook these two nice videos from Krajnska Gora where he is free-skiing with grasski. Check them out...

Grasski Stars model 2020

Last weekend during our first skiing session with my son we were able to test final production ski model Stars of season 2020. Switching from alpine ski Atomic Redster 152cm to grass ski Stars 75cm was nice and smooth. Our grasski were turning easily and running smoothly so all initial targets were hit.

First skiing in grasski season 2020

With my son and few other skiers we already started new grasski season 2020. So far just with free runs, but all went fine, actually better than fine as I wasn't even expecting such a smooth transition from winter to summer skiing. Of course there are things in ski technique we need to work on, but so far so good.

First skiing of season 2019

During the long weekend of April 25 - 28, 2019 took place first grasski training in Štítná nad Vláří - Popov. Although the weekend weather was not exactly the warmest, everyone was skiing, training and trying measured race starts. I should also mention those who were using our grasski models 2019 did give back valuable and positive feedback. Most skierst opted for our new model with "banana" shape wood and turning such ski is easier and quicker. Seems this will be most requested model for grasski season 2019. Photo gallery A video of newcomers and the youngest A video with juniors skiing in gates

Grasski season 2016 started in Rettenbach (AUT)

Grasski season 2016 started in Rettenbach (AUT)

To start I would like to say thank you to Erwin Hetfleischov for top photo.

Grasski season 2016 started in two locations. Juniors and adults started with grasski world cup in austrian Rettenbach. Children categories started in german Ehrenfriedersdorf, where took place first race from FIS Children Cup.

Rettenbach - photos

Here is list of links to various photos from internet and Facebook:

Children Cup - Ehrenfriedersdorf

I don't have info about this race, I only saw results and they have been added into table with current standings. It is important to remind you, that FIS Children cup has total 11 disciplines this year, 9 will take place in Europe and from this nine only best 7 is counted into overall FIS Children Cup standings. In case of point equality, better resluls will decide. If that won't decide who is better, overall number of starts will be counted.

Here you can see table with current standings in FIS Children Cup.

Changes and updates in 2016 race ski

Changes and updates in 2016 race ski

Before we started with preparation of 2016 material many hours and days were invested into looking back in 2015. We tried to identify all weaknesses, all strong points and define path for updates.

This way we clearly identified protectors to be major weakness of our 2015 ski. So new protector was designed and prepared for production. And not only is this new protector stronger and more durable, but also 5g lighter. With similar attitude was changed also binding and wood. Both are now lighter but due to smart design their stiffness remained same.

Here is complete list of improvements made in Race model for 2016:

  • new protectors
  • new wood shape
  • new binding
  • changed shape of rail radius
  • changed shape of glidings introduced in 2015

Except above mentioned visible changes we also focused on production and each process was looked at. As example new tools were prepared for making holes in rails, tools for wood production and more.

Few photos of 2016 material

And few more from photo shooting

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