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The element is a very important part of the ski. The main objective of the recent innovations was to design a very robust element that will be safe for both competitors and kite users. In both cases, there are hard impacts and shocks. And I am very glad that the current element is considered the strongest and safest in the market.

When purchasing, you can choose:

  • empty element Easy Stars
  • empty element Racer
  • empty element Racer r18 mm / used on ski lengths 100 and 105 cm
  • full element Easy, Stars
  • full element Racer
  • full element Racer r18 mm / used on ski lengths 100 and 105 cm

An empty element is not possible to use in the skis in the state as it is sold, it is suitable as a replacement part that replace old or worn-out elements. 18 mm elements are not suitable as direct replacement to standard 16 mm parts!!

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IMG 4745 1u Max 1000
IMG 4745 1u Max 1000
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