Spare parts

Dily3 80x80

From time to time something needs to be repaired or replaced. We offer spare parts for all our ski models as well as for the older ones that aren't sold anymore.


1,150 Kč /Ex Tax:950 Kč

Axles are coated to reduce friction and achieve better sliding performance and polished using ceramics particles for maximum gloss. Coating also prevents rust. Price is for the whole package containing 184 pieces of axles...


650 Kč /Ex Tax:537 Kč

The length of the ski is important for the belt. Without the right belt the skis will not go.When making a purchase, write down what length you are interested in (the length of skis) and the year. If you have a ski with serial number on binding, please write it. It will make choosing the right belt for your ski much easier...


50 Kč /Ex Tax:41 Kč

We offer two types of bindings. Racing skis use a very firm attachment by screws. Other available then use hooks that can be deployed and moved without using tools. In both cases it is very important that the ski boot is clamped tight, to prevent opening of the binding. Attention skis that were NOT made for the hooks can't be retrofitted! All our skis have bindings as part of the delivery.Short overview of bindings:Easy - Binding with hooksStars & Racer - Binding with screws..


65 Kč /Ex Tax:54 Kč

The element is a very important part of the ski. The main objective of the recent innovations was to design a very robust element that will be safe for both competitors and kite users. In both cases, there are hard impacts and shocks. And I am very glad that the current element is considered the strongest and safest in the market.When purchasing, you can choose:empty element Easy Starsempty element Racerempty element Racer r18 mm / used on ski lengths 100 and 105 cmfull eleme..

Gliding inserts

650 Kč /Ex Tax:537 Kč

Gliding inserts work as friction pads and are placed two in each element. The wearing of these inserts occurs due to friction between the plastic and stainless steel rails. The better the ski are oiled the less wear and tear...


650 Kč /Ex Tax:537 Kč

Plates are used to hold ski on edge. For a better grip on the edge of the ski we have higher plates with bigger edge length. These plates hold very tight and there is no need to use adhesive to attach them to ski. Package contains 50 pieces of plates...

Protective foil

1,000 Kč /Ex Tax:826 Kč

Thanks to protective foil washing and lubrication interval can be extended. The foil is sold in rolls of 30 m and 100 m with width accurate to ski. Replacing protective foil is very simple and fast. When washing skis do not take it off the skis. We offer two different thickness of 50 micron and 70 micron. 50 micron film is ideal for ski racing as it is fast, but also tear faster. 70 micron foil is used for training, kite & sport for children and rentals. 50 micron film is sold in rolls..

Protectors - 4pcs

750 Kč /Ex Tax:620 Kč

Protectors are used to prevent contact between the skis and prevent any fall. All protectors are made from plastic and sold in set by 4 pieces...


2,900 Kč /Ex Tax:2,397 Kč

In the first step, the stainless steel strips are highly polished, then bent on a CNC machine, laser welded and then heat treated. Thanks to this procedure, the resulting product is highly durable and precise - fast. Lengths: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 95 and 105 cm..


1,000 Kč /Ex Tax:826 Kč

We offer two types of rolls, all manufactured using precision CNC turning. Difference between Race and Easy/Stars rolls is in precision, where machining time is nearly double for Race rolls. The choice of suitable rolls is simple. Racing wheels provide excellent performance for first 10 runs. Sport wheels have more equal performance during service life without peak initial speed. The price for the whole package contain 184ks Race rolls or 180ks Easy/Stars rolls. When ordering, please..

Ski bag

650 Kč /Ex Tax:537 Kč

We recommend use of ski bags for transportation of skis to protects your clothes or car from the oil and dirt from skiing. Ski bags are available in several colors. Please, write color inside input on left side...

Wood & Aluminums

1,200 Kč /Ex Tax:992 Kč

High quality and well dried ash wood is important to skiing performance. Wood specifies how well and how much will ski turn and flex on bumps. Wood is painted and printed. Price include also alu layer used to improve ski response on power inputs. When ordering please be sure to select the length...

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