Grasski Model Easy: Versatile and Durable

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Model Easy is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable ski. It is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the conditions. Its robust construction ensures a long-lasting product that will stand up to the elements. Model Easy is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable ski that will last for years to come. Free EU shipping.


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Skis from the model series Easy are primary option for sport skiers, kite and ski rents. 

Skis in lengths of 65 - 75 cm are ski skis for children, length 80 cm and longer are intended for adults. The difference between children's skis and adult skis is in the load-bearing capacity of the wood - in children's skis it is thinner to ease turning. Please, before selecting ski read our tutorial about selecting right model and length.

The main feature of Easy skis is durability and easy usage and binding assembly without need for tools. All plastic parts are made with durability in mind. All our skis have stainless steel rails (which is the basic element of the ski) polished and heat-treated - surface nitrided. Without this modification, the life of the rails is limited. Thanks to the friction between the plastic parts and the stainless steel rail grinding occurs on non-treated rails to such an extent that after only one year that it is possible to cut yourself during during ski lubrication or maintenance. Therefore, in our offer are only skis of high quality and long life.

Grasski are sold already wrapped into plastic foil. This is part of ski and ski should be used with it! Do not remove it after receiving package! Plastic foil protects rolls and other gliding elements of grasski from dust, dirt and grass. Once plastic foil is removed, ski gets dirty very fast.

There is no limit on ski boot size for Grasski model Easy.. 


Ski postage within EU is FREE! For non-EU countries is calculated separately according to the weight of the overall order and destination. 

Notice for USA and non-EU customers: due to air shipping package are sent without any oil. Please, purchase in local store ecological oil (for garden or forrest machines).

Package content

  • grasski
  • binding
  • 2 pcs elements
  • 2 pcs plates
  • oil
  • oiling tool

Shipping in 2-3 days after payment and typical delivery time within EU around 5-7 days after payment / order when paid online.

Binding with hooks - rapid change
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