Wood shape & geometry

Wood shape & geometry

Starting from season 2019, we offer all Racer models with a choice of wood geometry / shape. Classic wood shape retains the time prooven T-shape characteristics. Newly offered is so-called "banana" wood, which is not thinned at the ends and has a more bow-like shape with front and back tips more curved up, giving ski similar behaviour to rocker geometry of alpine ski. Resulting behavior is that these "banana wood" ski are a bit more easier to turn.

On following photo is comparison of alpine ski to grasski. As you can see from this picture, shape or better geometry of bottom contact part of wood with grass is key to grasski handling characteristics - similar to alpine ski sidecut geometry.

Grasski Technique Vs Alpine
Foto DSC1718

Race ski Racer with "banana" type wood

In the photo, there are 100 cm racing skis with "banana" wood, which were tested during 2018 grasski World Cup.