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We offer a wide range of models in different lengths from children to adults racers starting in World Cup competitions. Children skis are in lengths of 65-75 cm, adult from 80 to 110 cm with 5 cm steps. Individual models - Easy, Stars, Racer - differ in used materials and properties.

Easy models have rapid change bindings and are designed primarily for beginners, kite and rentals. Emphasis is on easiness with manipulation and durability.

Model Stars is designed for young racers and these skis are manufactured according to FIS rules for children (skis are produced according to 2022 rules).

The top offer is Racer line, where are used only the best materials and technologies with an emphasis on maximum racing performance.

Model Easy

8,000 Kč /Ex Tax:6,612 Kč


Skis from the model series Easy are primary option for sport skiers, kite and ski rents. Skis in lengths of 65 - 75 cm are ski skis for children, length 80 cm and longer are intended for adults. The difference between children's skis and adult skis is in the load-bearing capacity of the wood - in children's skis it is thinner to ease turning. Please, before selecting ski read our tutorial about selecting right model and length.The main feature of Easy skis is durability and easy usage and b..

Length:65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm

Model Stars

9,000 Kč /Ex Tax:7,438 Kč

Ski from model line Stars are  specially made for young athletes and are at the border between Easy and Racer models, both in used materials and at speeds. The ReceR Stars skis on one side use the same quality stainless steel and heat-treated rails as the Racer model, but they do not have such precision and fast CNC turned racing rolls. Stars skis are primarily made for little future champions and therefore meet all FIS rules for international competitions. This means maximum ski boot ..

Length:65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm

Model Racer

9,900 Kč /Ex Tax:8,182 Kč


Thanks to own experience from World Cup competitions we regularly innovate and improve the properties of racing skis, which thus holds the speed record, with these ski athletes won several gold medals from the World Championships and many medals from World Cup competitions. Our goal is to combine modern technology and computer-aided design with proven methods of hand production. And since these ski are for competitors, maximum ski boot size is 320mm (sole length)!!! The main advanta..

Length:75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 105 cm

Model Race Carbon

15,000 Kč /Ex Tax:12,397 Kč

Our latest product for World Cup competitors asking the best. The construction of the skis is based on the Race model, but the combination of high-quality ash wood with 5 mm thick carbon will give the ski even higher rigidity and at the same time maximum response.The carts, which are on each ski according to length 21 - 23, are made of PA66 plastic filled with 40% carbon, so they are strong and light enough for the best performance on the race track.These skis are made to order only, so delivery..

Length:80 cm, 85 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 105 cm

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