Grasski season 2016 started in Rettenbach (AUT)

To start I would like to say thank you to Erwin Hetfleischov for top photo.

Grasski season 2016 started in two locations. Juniors and adults started with grasski world cup in austrian Rettenbach. Children categories started in german Ehrenfriedersdorf, where took place first race from FIS Children Cup.

Rettenbach - photos

Here is list of links to various photos from internet and Facebook:

Children Cup - Ehrenfriedersdorf

I don't have info about this race, I only saw results and they have been added into table with current standings. It is important to remind you, that FIS Children cup has total 11 disciplines this year, 9 will take place in Europe and from this nine only best 7 is counted into overall FIS Children Cup standings. In case of point equality, better resluls will decide. If that won't decide who is better, overall number of starts will be counted.

Here you can see table with current standings in FIS Children Cup.