Binding assembly - Model Racer

Binding assembly - Race Ski

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Models Racer and Stars are equipped with screw-attached bindings. To assemble the bindings, you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a key number 8, which are NOT INCLUDED in the delivery.

Before you begin mounting the bindings, it is important to find the central position of the ski boot relative to the ski binding. Improper placement of the ski boot, either too far forward or too far back, can affect the performance of the grasski. The maximum recommended displacement of the ski boot from the center of the ski binding is 8 mm.

Once you have determined the center position of the ski binding and ski boot, you can proceed with the binding assembly.

The easiest way is to start by mounting the front hook. Once the front hook is mounted, proceed with the rear hook, which has a plastic part on it.

Here's how to mount the front and rear binding hooks: From the inside of the grasski binding, place the screws, and from the outside of the ski binding, place the washer, binding hook, and nut. Make sure that the rear hook securely holds the ski boot in its intended location.

After tightening all the screws, ensure that the boots are properly secured by the ski bindings. The binding should be difficult to close and open. If it is too loose, there is a risk of it opening during skiing.

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Details from binding assembly

Here are a few detailed photos of the binding assembly process for the Racer model. The most important aspect of the assembly is to have the proper screwdriver and key number 8. It may require a little patience, as inserting the screw inside the binding can be challenging, similar to threading a needle.

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