Binding assembly - Model Racer

Binding assembly - Race Ski

Sroubovak Krizovy Ph 3x150 Magnet S2 Kito 879058  11Models Racer and Stars are equipped with screw attached bindings. For assembly you will need Phillips screwdriver and key number 8 - both are NOT INCLUDED in delivery.

Before you start to mount bindings it is necessary to find a central position of ski boot relative to ski binding. If the ski boot is mounted inappropriately placing too far forward or too far back, it can affect the properties of grasski. Maximum recommended dislocation of ski boot from center of ski binding is 8 mm.



12973 Klic Tona Expert113 E113216Once you have identified center position of ski binding and ski boot you can continue with binding assembly.

Easiest way is to mount front hook as first. Once front hook is mounted, continue with rear hook (rear hook has plastic part on it).

How to mount front and rear binding hooks: from inside of grasski binding place screws, from outside of ski binding place washer, binding hook and nut. Consequently, ensure that the originally intended location of the rear hook sufficiently firmly hold ski boot.


After tightening of all screws, make sure that boots are properly hold by ski boots. Binding must be hard to close and open! If it is too loose, it might open during skiing.

Binding Assembly Schema

Binding Schema 1

Binding assembly video guide

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Details from binding assembly

Below are few photo details from binding assembly of Racer model. Most important for assembly is to have proper screw driver, key n 8 and little patience as putting screw inside binding is usually like putting thread through the needle.