Kiting is a relatively young sport that has many forms and variations. You can ride on water, snow, sand, grass and concrete surfaces, so it can operate throughout the year. The principle of this sport is based on the use of wind power, which relies to a dragon, technically called a kite.


In winter this is snowkiting - it can be run anywhere where is enough snow and open space without barriers. In times when it is hot and no snow it is landkiting - rides on the roller chassis in the form of grass skis, mountainboard, bugs, inline skates, etc .. And finally, a sector which can operate in the warmer months of the year - kiteboarding. It operates exclusively on water surfaces.

Kiting will never adapt to you, on the contrary, you will always have to adapt to kiting. This sport is required to operate in ideal conditions and these conditions are difficult for a beginner to master.

A small percentage of individuals who tries kite, ends with it immediately, because they have had no idea what this sport is all about. They just imagined something else. But if you can get over the hard beginnings, you will be rewarded with sport that you never get tired of, and you will find many valuable friendships.