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Race calendar

  • World Cup - 10.-11.6.2017 - Rettenbach AUT
  • FIS - 17.-18.6.2017 - Boemmeli SUI
  • FIS - 23.-25.6.2017 - Schwarzenbach AUT
  • FIS - 24.-25.6.2017 - Madarao Kogen JPN
  • FIS - 15.-16.7.2017 - Shichikashuku Miyagi JPN
  • World Cup - 29.-30.7.2017 - Montecampione ITA
  • FIS - 5.-6.8.2017 - Stitna nad Vlari CZE
  • World Cup - 12.-13.8.2017 - Marbachegg SUI
  • World Cup - 19.-20.8.2017 - Predklasteri CZE
  • World Cup - 24.-25.8.2017 - Santa Caterina ITA
  • JWCh - 29.8.-1.9.2017 - Sauris ITA
  • WCh - 5.-10.9.2017 - Kaprun AUT
  • FIS - 23.-24.9.2017 - Madarao Kogen JPN
See list of all competitions in race calendar section.

Grasski are sold with one of two types of bindings. Models Race and YoungStars are equipped with so called screw bindings. For assembly you will need screwdriver and key number 8.

Models Endurance and Endurance Speed are using so called "hook" bindings. For assembly is not needed any tools and changing of binding length takes only few moments.

Endurance & Endurance Speed binding

Following pictures and video is assembly guide for Endurance & Endurance Speed models.

Video guide for binding assembly

Video guide for binding unassembly or binding change

Race & YoungStars models

Stred boty

Before you start to mount bindings it is necessary to find a central position of boots and bindings. If the ski boots inappropriately placing too far forward or too far back, it can affect the properties of skis and bring worse control. Maximum recommended dislocation of boot from central position of the binding is 6 mm.

Vazani predekVazani zadek

Once you have identified center position of ski binding and ski boots you can continue with bidning assembly. I recommend first to put forward hook (left image). Mount it using the supplied screws, nut and washer. Place the washer only between the hook and binding. Consequently, ensure that the originally intended location of the rear hook sufficiently firmly hold ski boot.

Grasski Calendar

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