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High-Stiffness PA66 Reinforced Plastic Element in Grass Ski

Grasski: The Ideal Summer Skiing Adventure and Training Solution. Perfect for alpine skiers looking to maintain their skills in the off-season

Grasski, also known as "sci d'erba" involves skiing on grassy slopes rather than snowy ones. This sport uses special skis looking as little grooming machine or tank called "grasskis" designed specifically for skiing on grass. Suitable terrain includes well-cutted, not steep grass-covered hills.

As for locations, grass ski centers are available in various countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Additionally, you can search for local grass-covered hills that are steep enough and well-maintained to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Grasski offers a unique opportunity for alpine skiers to continue their training during the off-season while also experiencing a new facet of skiing. By practicing on grass slopes or synthetic surfaces throughout the summer months, athletes can maintain their skills and improve their overall performance on snow when winter returns. So why not give grass skiing a try this summer and take your alpine skiing skills to new heights

Here are some reasons why incorporating grass skiing into your summer training regimen can be beneficial:

  1. Technique Development: Practicing on grass can help skiers develop better balance and refine their techniques without relying on snowy conditions.
  2. Physical Fitness: Grass skiing, with its added resistance from wheels and terrain, is an effective way of maintaining and improving physical fitness while focusing on skiing-specific muscles.
  3. Mental Fitness: Skiing on grass requires higher levels of focus and concentration, allowing athletes to fine-tune their mental game.
  4. Adapting to Different Terrain: Experiencing varying terrains during summer training sessions can help athletes prepare for different types of slopes they may encounter in winter competitions.
  5. Lower Carbon Footprint: In recent years, snow sports have been criticized for contributing to climate change through artificial snow production and other methods. Engaging in grass skiing reduces the need for such actions by utilizing existing green spaces for practice.

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Innovative Design: Wood-Core Grass Skis

At the heart of all our skis is a wooden core combined with an aluminum layer to strengthen the ski and improve its response to power inputs.


Durability Meets Performance: Plastic Elements in Our Skis

We use high-stiffness PA66 reinforced with either glass fibers or carbon fibers for optimal performance and durability.

Wood-core Grass Ski – Superior Power and Response

Customizable Binding Options for Every Skier

Binding options include two types. The "rapid binding" system is featured on our Easy model, allowing for quick and easy changes to ski boot size. On all Racer and RacerStar models, bindings are secured with screws and require tools to adjust ski boot length.

Protective foil

A protective plastic film is applied to all our skis to shield the rollers from grass and dust, thereby prolonging their lifespan. Thin foil is used on our Racer models for optimal speed, while thicker 70um protection film is used on Easy skis for greater durability. grasski models

Produced models

Grasski model Easy
Grasski model Racer
Grasski model YoungStars

Available lengths

65 cm - 105 cm / 5 cm steps

Price range

from as low as 333€

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Model Easy

Rated 4.5/5 based on 2 customer reviews
Price from 333€

Skis from our Easy range are ideal for sports skiers, kite enthusiasts, and ski rentals. With these skis, there are no limits to the length of the ski boot. The rapid binding system allows for quick and easy adjustments to the length of the ski boot without the need for screws or keys.

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Model Stars

Rated 4.7/5 based on 3 customer reviews
Price from 375€

Our Stars grass skiing model is specifically designed for children and is available in lengths of 65, 70, and 75 cm. These skis comply with the FIS rules for children's equipment.

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Model Racer

Rated 5/5 based on 1 recenze
Price from 412€

Race skis are our passion and joy. We dedicate extra care to the design, preparation, and production of these skis. Although many parts may be identical to other models, only the best, most precisely made, and expertly polished components make it onto our Race Skis. These skis are made for skiers who understand that even a fraction of a second can make all the difference on the slopes.

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For most sport skiers, skiers with kite or rental services is model Easy best choice. This model is most durable and yet easy to use. Model Racer is faster, made according to FIS rules for competitions but require more maintenance.
Maximum ski boot size for model Racer is 425mm! There is no ski boot size limit for grasski model Easy. Fully explained which ski to choose is here.

Recommended parts:

  • Safety Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Back Support with Vertebrae Protector

Ski boots

Use same ski boots as for alpine skiing. Recommended are harder, thicker ski boots - that do not loose durability in summer heat.

Ski boots used for snowboards even snowboards with hard bindings or telemark or skialpinismus are not possible to use with grasski.

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