Introducing grasski
enjoy fun and ski spring to fall

Spring to fall training for alpine skiing or purely for fun, we offer variety of products.
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In heart of all ski is the wood core combined with aluminium layer to strenghten ski and improve response to power inputs.
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Plastic elements

High stiffness PA66 filled with glass fibers or carbon fibers for highest performance and durability.
Grasski Top 2020 V2


Two types of bindings are being produced and bundled with ski. So called "rapid binding" for model Easy where changing ski boot size is matter of single minute. On all Racer and RacerStars are bindings with screws where tools are needed to change ski boot length.
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Protective foil

Protective or cover plastics foil is used to protect rolls from grass and dust and therefore prolong their life. Thin foil is used on Racer model for its speed. Thick 70um protection foil is on Easy ski for durability. grasski models

Produced models

Grasski model Easy
Grasski model Racer
Grasski model YoungStars

Available lengths

65 cm - 105 cm / 5 cm steps

Price range

from as low as 333€

Product in real from
your imagination

Stay safe, stay out

Enjoying grasski and having fun is as simple as finding meadow in your neighborhood. No queues on glaciers. No crowds filling up cabine on top of mountain.

So have fun, do grasski and stay safe.

Summer fun,
without frozen feet

Some of our accessories
to choose from

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Ski bag is perfect protection of yourself and your car from grass and mud
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Protective cover foil is covering rolls and elements inside ski from grass during skiing
19 Thumb
Plates serves as plastic edges and are produced as replacement parts in multiple colors

Kite & grasski
feel the wind

Grasski from our production
choose your model

Model Easy

Easy Orange 80cm Bgdark
Rated 4.5/5 based on 2 customer reviews
Price from 333€

Skis from the Easy range are ideal for sports skiers, kitters and ski rentals. With these skis, there is no limit to the length of the ski shoe. Rapid binding allows a very fast change in the length of the ski shoe without the need for screws and keys.

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Model Stars

Race Yellow 90cm V2 Bgdark
Rated 4.7/5 based on 3 customer reviews
Price from 375€

It is a ski model suitable for children. This model is only available in 65, 70 and 75 cm lengths. Skis are according to FIS rules for children.

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Model Racer

Race Blue 100cm V2 Bgdark
Rated 5/5 based on 1 recenze
Price from 412€

Race ski are our passion and joy. We devote extra care to these skis from design to preparation to production. Many parts are identical to other models, but only the best - the best polished, the most precisely made - always get to the Race Ski. The Race Skis are for skiers who find 0.1 seconds as eternity.

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Grasski model Easy or Racer?
For most sport skiers, skiers with kite or rental services is model Easy best choice. This model is most durable and yet easy to use. Model Racer is faster, made according to FIS rules for competitions but require more maintenance.
Maximum ski boot size for model Racer is 425mm! There is no ski boot size limit for grasski model Easy. Fully explained which ski to choose is here.
What equipment is needed?

Recommended parts:

  • Safety Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Back Support with Vertebrae Protector

Ski boots

Use same ski boots as for alpine skiing. Recommended are harder, thicker ski boots - that do not loose durability in summer heat.

Ski boots used for snowboards even snowboards with hard bindings or telemark or skialpinismus are not possible to use with grasski.